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1 article(s) 82 Kids Vandalizing 20 Shitty Art Pieces

Welcome to DeviantArt Horrors

We are a Shitty Wikipedia Dedicated to the Horrendous Shit you find on and Some Morons that plague the site, Below Here are the Shitty Rules you Must Follow to Stay on this Site otherwise your gonna get a Ban Up your Vagina



Look at Cringe, Don't Touch

Just Because some guy Draws Furries taking a shit on Hillary clinton's nose does not mean you should stage a unfunny witchhunt against them, Cringe at them Don't Fucking spam dead babies on their Profile


Just Because It Happened does not mean its Needed here

Just Because some Shitty 13 Year old Trigender Pyrofox commented "FUCK YOU!" On Your profile does not mean they are needed to be submitted here, Fuck off


Don't Make your Page Sound like Trash

Having Shitty pages that sound like they are Written by a 13 year old who Faps to Goanimate Rule34 are not Permitted and will be Replaced without Notice, Repeated Shitty pages will result in a Ban

Request a Page Removal

If you think you Been Falsely Added here for no Fucking Reason then Please Reply Here

How the Fuck do i Add a Template to a page

Go here for Fuck sake

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